My list of 5 love stories

Red and pink roses, cuddly heart-shaped pillows, teddy bears and cloyingly sweet mini chocolate treats that infest and saturate the ethos don’t really celebrate the bookish love we book-nerds enjoy. So, as the month of love leaves, I make a list of 5 of my favorite love stories. These are novels and short stories that I’ve enjoyed reading over the past 30 years. These are the stories that have shown me love, as I know it- pure, irrational, innocent, unconditional, and never-ending!

Let the list begin…

  • Love Story by Erich Segalsegal-lovestory1
    • Oliver Barret and Jennifer Cavilleri fall madly in love instantaneously. They defy all odds to be together and then tragedy strikes. The story stands out for its tone of innocence and purity.
  • Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
    • Who wouldn’t fall in love with the earthy and passionate Heathcliff? I so fell in love with him, head over heels, that to this day I’m jealous of how he loves Catherine Earnshaw for moping up his love.
  • Sam’s letters to Jennifer by James Patterson
    • Jennifer is grieving after having just lost her husband when she has to attend to her ailing grandmother, Samantha (aka Sam). This story takes us through Jeniffer’s journey of finding and falling in love again. James Patterson is known mostly for his crime thrillers but this love story has stuck with me for years.
  • The Night Train at Deoli by Ruskin Bond
    • This short story by Ruskin Bond is for every romantic soul who has loved and lost.
  • Fault in our stars by John Greenthe-fault-in-our-stars
    • This one must be the recent crowd favorite! Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters are the ill-fated, star-crossed lovers of the decade. Their young and innocent love in the face of Cancer is surprisingly positive and life-affirming.

So to speak my list ends here. But I have a few more, two to be precise, novellas and short stories in Malayalam to add. These stories have been life changing and life-affirming. These stories teach you how top fall in love, and to fall in love again and again, even if you are hurt.

  • Premalekhanam by Vaikom Mohammed Basheer
    • Saramma, feels orphaned at home living with her father and stepmother. She wants a job so that she can sustain herself without being a burden to then. Keshavan Nair, her neighbor and a  government servant, has a beautiful job to offer her- to love and cherish him as her own. The story starts with a love-letter Keshavan Nair writes to Saramma; a beauty in its own accord. This story is probably the cutest of all the love stories here.
  • Lola by P Padmarajan
    • This short story is special to me in many ways. It came to me while I was dealing with a life-changing breakup and it helped me heal. It made me come to terms with love, loss and the life after that.
    • P Padmarajan is a magician of words and a maestro of love! If you get a chance to read him, in Malayalam of course, please do so without fail. And, thank me later.

Which ones are you favorite love stories? Let me know in the comments section so I can expand my list in time for the next year. 😉




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