NIVEA Lip Butter Cocoa Cacao

For sheer love for their thrust on quality, I’ve loved Nivea products for quite a while. What I love most about them that their products are mostly effective, simplistic and subtle on the fragrance and tint area. Hence, presenting a Nivea lip butter. I’m reviewing the Cocoa Cacao option here, though I have tried the Blueberry Blush variant too.

The lip butter comes at Rs.200 a tin which though is a bit steep for a lip butter without nivea-lip-butter-cocoa.jpgtint. But, I had been on the lookout for a night-care regime for my lips that did not involve any colour or tint. What impressed me almost instantaneously was that the butter came in an easy to open, travel-friendly tin; for now which sits comfortably on my night-stand. The lip butter, which like the name suggests, is very creamy in texture, unlike any lip balms I’ve used. I feared the butter would be sticky, something like petroleum jelly, or hard as some lip balms tend to be. But, gladly it’s neither.

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been using the Cocoa cacao variant. And let me put it across straight- you’ll love it as much as you love dark chocolate and I happen to absolutely love dark chocolate. I’ve been using the lip butter daily for more than a week now. I dab it on my lips just before bed. With the consuming sweet smell the butter spreads, it almost feels like my midnight chocolate indulgence and gives me a heady happy high. That is how much I love the fragrance! Now, getting to the moisturizing part. Day 1 had me pleasantly surprised with softer and smoother lips.

nivealipbalmsNivea seems to have come out with 5 different variants of lip butter, out of which hardly 3 or 4 are available in India, through retail and online stores. At this point, I have used the cocoa and blueberry variants and I’m impressed by both. I’ve found them immensely hydrating across weathers. But I use them only at night when it can do its work uninterrupted.

Now, let’s give a final look at the pretty Nivea Lip Butters.


  • Deep moisture
  • Doesn’t need re-applying; stays on for over 7 hours
  • Rich fragrance
  • Handy, travel-friendly pack


  • Not cruelty-free
  • No gloss (ideal for night care)
  • All variants are not easily available in India.

Do let me know how you fare with this or other lip care products. Don’t forget to let me know what else you’d like me to write about.


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