Eye Told You So! Smudgeproof Eyeliner & Stroke of Genius Heavy-duty Kohl by Sugar Cosmetics

Eye makeup is, without a doubt, any girl’s go-to if she is remotely even into makeup. And, I just found my eye makeup holy grail. Presenting, the Sugar cosmetics  Stroke of Genius Heavy-duty Kohl and the Eye Told You So! Smudgeproof Eyeliner.

Let’s start with the eyeliner. Trust me when I say this- that to land on the perfect eyeliner wand sugar-eye-told-you-so-waterproof-eyeliner-black-swan-review-6is nothing short of a miracle. I’ve juggled between Maybelline, Lakme, L’oreal and god-knows all the regular drugstore brands. I even tried The Body Shop liquid gel eyeliner, which, FYI, was godawful!

Until Eye Told You So! happened to me, which I first received with one of my FabBags, I’d been living off a staple of the Lakme ones. Somehow, the Lakme ones are the only ones that are economical and manage to have the best wand to make your wings. I, personally, like the slender long wands to do my wings. Abd this one has exactly that- a long, slender applicator to make your eyes look long and winged. The only con I found in them is that they wear off quite easily, which is a bummer. But, it’s a gift on those super busy days when you can’t wait to get done with your eye makeup but still want it to look pretty. It retails for Rs.699 for 1.7mL.


  • Slender, manageable applicator
  • Matte finish
  • Paraben and Formaldehyde free


  • Wears off soon
  • Easy to remove
  • Expensive for the quantity available


Moving on to Stroke of Genius Heavy-duty Kohl. Let me start by saying this is by far the softest kajal 01-sog-b2b_grande_89c51ba7-9cdc-4a24-9e9b-a62bc518ee5eI’ve used in all these years. Now, after using this kohl pencil I may never use another kohl pencil after this. It just glides over my waterline and tight-lining my upper eyelid has become very easy. I have even started using this kohl pencil to line my upper eyelash instead of a liquid or gel eyeliner. Using the sharpener provided with the kohl pencil making a fairly thin line is pretty simple. And this is the first kohl pencil I’ve successfully used to replace my eyeliner, and I’m not an expert makeup artist! This one is truly a stroke of genius, but, it isn’t exactly smudge-proof for the Indian tropical weather. On all those hot summer days I find the kohl smudged to highlight my under-eye circle, which is not exactly how I like it! But that doesn’t mean you have to touch up every now and then. Quite the contrary, actually. I have, not once had to touch up the kohl. It lasts a good 10 hours without any touch-up. The kohl is also free of mineral oil and paraffin. It retails at Rs.499 for 1.2gms.


  • Highly pigmented
  • Soft texture
  • Free of mineral oils and paraffin; vegan product
  • Reasonably priced


  • Light smudging

Sugar Cosmetics have increasingly grown to be one of my favorite brands. So, I am definitely going to be a fan of the Stroke of Genius Heavy-duty Kohl. I will definitely repurchase it, as you can already tell. If you plan to by the same I would suggest you buy it online from their website https://in.sugarcosmetics.com/. They have a reward plan which benefits returning customers. (They also have some really good lip products which I can review for you if you so want.)

Let me know how you liked it. Don’t forget to let me know if what else you’d like me to write about.


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