Haldi milk

Rain, rain, come again let’s party all through the day.
But, then you leave me to go away
Don’t part leaving me with a stubborn cold!

Oh, wait! You did exactly that!
So, here I am, stuck with a stubbornly congested and, as luck would have it, leaky nose. Hence, by God, how am I supposed to enjoy the sunshine!
But, fret not! Remember how we decided to be the queen of our own happiness and carpe diem! So I make my own sunshine in a tall glass.
Enter- this brilliant idea of making myself a haldi milk concoction. The idea comes from my aunt, who made me haldi milk when I was sick and down with a very bad case of sinusitis.
But, today I make my own version of haldi milk.
Milk                       1 cup
Turmeric powder 1 teaspoon
Honey                   1-2 teaspoon
Vanilla essence    few drops
How to make it
Take a saucepan and heat the milk in low flame. Add the honey, vanilla essence and stir. In about 2-3 minutes add the turmeric powder and keep stirring. Once it reaches your desired consistency, and it doesn’t need to boil, switch off the flame. Transfer your haldi milk into a glass through a sieve. Drink it hot.

I like to believe that what nursed me back to health was my mother’s presence and my aunt’s hot glass of haldi milk. I kid you not when I tell you, sick or not, I’ll go back to that comfy combo any day! So, if you are feeling low and need a pick-me-up comfort drink, do give it a try and let me know how you love it.


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