Rain, rain come again!

Do you love rain? Oh, I do. There is absolutely nothing as good as rain for an instant pick

The city waits on for the rain that promises to drench her with his passion.

me up. The moment I see the dark clouds crawling across the pale blue sky I reach out into the kitchen and fix myself a coffee. And then, if I have a balcony (which I have at this point) I’ll just stand there and be poetic. Pathetically poetic, but nevertheless, as long as the poetry is for me nobody is at harm. The dark clouds and splitter-spatter of the rain just elevates me into another dimension for I am self-proclaimed hopelessly romantic being.


Rains are of different textures. Be the passionate, torrential downpours or the simple and soft drizzles, and everything in between, there are absolutely none that I do not love. Much like a glass of wine, a rain demands for you to indulge in it and enhance whatever it is you are feeling. Much like a lover, it asks for your attention and touch with a promise to make you feel beautiful.


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