Iced Cold Coffee

Monday mornings are a horror, but Mondays in general are always boring, Don’t you think? So I devised this super strong way to shake me up this Monday. I love a good, strong cup of coffee. And being raised by a lovely, bold & strong woman with Brahmin roots, my mother, introduced me to filter-coffee pretty early in my life. Ever since, we haven’t NOT had atleast a cup of filter-coffee a day. We as a family own atleast 3 filters of different sizes, all meant to make the decoction required for filter coffee.

Coffee filter

What is a coffee-filter you might ask!

Coffee filter is a 3-piece metal device to make decoction, used to make coffee, from ground coffee beans. It has two tumblers, one of which comes with a perforated bottom and the other with a normal bottom. The tumbler with the perforated bottom is to be stacked on the other tumbler, and the sieve-umbrella is to sit in the perforated tumbler. The ground coffee powder goes into the perforated tumbler, and the sieve-umbrella is positioned on the coffee powder slightly pushing it in position. The tumbler is then filled with boiling water. Now the decoction gets collected into the tumbler below. Coffee-filters come with lids that you may put on and store away the decoction for future use.

(In case you can’t find a coffee-filter in a store near you click here.)
I’ve had friends come over just for a cup of hot n steamy, not to mention creamy, cup of filter coffee that I may almost always serve. But sometimes a hot coffee is not something you crave for. So I looked up at how I can turn this sweet and energizing shot of caffeine into a chilled and refreshing mocktail. And here is what I came up with.

Coffee powder(ground) 2-3tsps

Water 1/2 cup

Condensed milk 3/4 tbsp

Milk 2-3 tsp

How to make the decoction

Put 2-3 teaspoonfuls of ground coffee powder into the seived mug and press down the unbrella over it. Then pour about half a cup to a full cup of boiling water onto the umbrella structure. Wait till the decoction is collected in the lower mug. Now to make the coffee.

Iced-cold Coffee

The sweetness of the iced-cold coffee all depends on you. So I’ll refrain from telling you how much condensed milk you need to use. But all you need to do is get your tall glass and place a good number of ice cubes in it. Then you need to pour a good 3-4 teaspoons of decoction and a spoon or two of condensed milk; and you are good to go!

Enjoy your chilled Iced coffee with a solid good book to read on a comfy sofa.


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