Mrs Funnybones

She’s just like you and a lot like me.

I love a book with a beautiful story. When the journey from cover to cover


becomes automatic and the characters come alive, it’s pure magic! But, I love it even more when the journey to the book is a story in itself. So, let me start with how I came to this book. One beautiful, wintery evening in January, riddled by the decision of which book to start the New Year with, I walk into one of my favorite cafes in town. I sit back munching on a sandwich and sipping a glass of cold coffee while immersed in my copy of Gillian Flynn’s Grown-ups. (Gillian Flynn in her true master craft had me repulsed and humored all at once, but that’s a story for another day.)  At one of my breaks from the book, much like break for air from a good kiss, I look around to familiarize myself with the surroundings. My eyes dart at a book two tables away. Much like me, a girl sips on her beverage and sits flipping through the book- Mrs Funnybones. At this point the book intrigued me. I had heard about all the media coverage the star-writer had received so I wanted to ask this perfect stranger what she thought about the book. And within minutes we got talking about her book, my book, the city and residential options for single, career oriented, fun-loving women. And guess what- she offered me to book so I could “read and return”. Isn’t the world with book a beauty to behold!

Twinkle Khanna

But, despite the beauty of how the book reached me, I was a tiny bit skeptical about the writer in Twinkle Khanna. Her “gruesome tragedy” of a Bollywood stint stood before me as red signal as to what awaited me behind those pages. But I decided to trot ahead anyway, trusting my coffee-shop acquaintance. And a few pages in I knew I was going to like this woman, if not fall madly in love with her.

Reading the book felt like the author gave me an all access pass into her journal/diary. By the end of the book I felt like I knew her and her family as if I lived with them. I sprouted a new found love for her and her family. Twinkle Khanna is witty, observant and highly insightful at places. More than an actress, or the wife or daughter of a star she seems like the quintessential urban, educated, intelligent women juggling her domestic and professional lives with dexterity. Her tone is satiric and that, I think, is super sexy and suave on a woman. She discusses complex matters as femininity, gender, religion and death with just as much ease with which she discusses love, relationships, motherhood (which, as a topic, overbears all her musings) and friendship, all the while imparting just the right mix of humor and honesty. In all her writings the fun, playful and genuine Twinkle Khanna shines through. The book turned out to be a virtuous stress-buster to me so much so that I’d put my stocks on her to make me smile, laugh or guffaw.

The book is a fun, simple, light read that anyone would love to relish like you are a kid with a Popsicle. 

ISBN: 9780 14 342446 8 

Penguin Book India

Twinkle Khanna


Pages: 235, Price: 299



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