Where do you like to sit and read?

Life has its way of throwing adventures at you such as that one moment you fear that it could be too much to handle and the next moment you know you’ll be fine. Just when I thought monotone would colour my life it threw in a few more colours. A new job, a new city and a sea change of people. What more could I have asked for?

View of ChaiCofi from my favorite counch
View of ChaiCofi from my favorite couch

And, the ferocious mosquitoes and the tardy traffic apart, Cochin has been anything but benevolent. The best about Cochin so far, you ask? This place called ChaiCofi, from where I’m actually typing out this blog. Yes, they have free wifi. But that’s not the only thing good about this place. The couches are to sink into. the cappuccinos and hot chocolates are all to be demanded extra-strong (That’s how I like mine). The ‘Lord of Chocolate’pastry piece is meant as an indulgence, and boy oh boy it’s one hell of an indulgence. I treat myself to one evertime I finish a book from here. Which brings me to the best thing about ChaiCofi- the bookworm corner.

The wall of books. *sigh*

This place has a wall of books, a fairly good collection, which you can just grab and read. They also lend you books for a membership fee, which isn’t as exorbitant as the food here is (yes, the food is good, but pricey). And besides you get a 10% discount on all your bills if you are a member (ka-ching!) Two books for a week does not look like a bad deal to me. They also have board games and FIFA gaming points, if you’d like. But I’m not the kind so I’ll refrain my comments in that quarter. I’m here for the books and the coffee/chocolate, of course. Though I do wish they’d tone down the music a few notches at times.

Let me know of the places where you like to read. I’m sure your bed is one of your favorite places to read. And, did you know that they had a name for it? So didn’t I up until today when I saw this on Facebook, which gave me this spark of an idea to write this blog.


Until later then. Keep reading. Ciao!


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