Book Haul: April 2014

Though I’m particular owning the books that I’ve loved reading I equally despise wasting money on experimenting with book, i.e books that I’m not sure that I would enjoy. That does not mean that I’ve

April '14 eBook haul
April ’14 EBook haul

ever shied away from buying books. I like to think of myself as an economic book buyer. Libraries have helped me stick to my book budget. I have always read books rented from libraries and then decided if I wanted to own them. But lately I’ve gotten bold and have begun buying books without putting in much thought. Here is my latest book haul.

As you might be aware, I’ve finished reading Love Story by Erich Segal (click here for review) and I loved it. Hence I need my time to get over Oliver and Jennifer to be grabbing at its sequel, Oliver’s Story. But I’ve promised myself to get there.

I’ve begun both Servants of the Goddess by Catherine Rubin Kermorgant and Book Thief  by Markus Zusak simultaneously. Servants of the Goddess is a book in the non-fiction category. Its a memoir of the author trying to make a BBC documentary on Devdasi system, a practice quite prevalent in yesteryear India. It reads as her journey to find the remains of this system, bordering on prostitution, still practiced in India and its cultural and social implications. Book Thief, on the other hand is a fictional story about a girl and her life in nazi-Germany. The most intriguing aspect of the book is that it’s written from Death’s point of view.

Books by Devdutt PattanaikThe fourth and last book, 7 Secrets of Shiva, which is yet to be explored and will be in due course, deals in mythology. It explores the concept of Shiva in Hindu culture. The author Devdutt Pattanaik is one of my favorites in the genre. I’ve enjoyed both Jaya: An illustrated retelling of Mahabharatha and Sita: An illustrated retelling of Ramayana in equal measures inspite of knowing the mythological stories beforehand. His books are less about the literary value, and more about the content. I’ve liked the way he entangles fresh, modern and contemporary thought into the classic stories. So his books are always on my list.

These are the only eBooks I’ve bought in the month of April. Tell me about the ones you bought and how you liked them. So untill next time. Keep reading. Ciao!


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