A rainy day with Liz Gilbert and my homemade cookies

Nothing like a rainy afternoon with the

The Signature of all things

company of a good book and a cup of steamy hot English breakfast tea and homemade cookies. I’ve cast my vote for the Look Sabha elections this time and nothing can stop me from pouring into Elizabeth Gilbert’s The Signature of all things.
I’ve looked this woman right from her first book, Eat Prey Love. Her frank and casual style of writing has me captivated right from the beginning. So as soon as I finished reading it I could help but get my hands on her 2nd book, The Signature of all things. This book, that I’m halfway through, is not only quite different from what I’ve been reading lately, but it’s also pleasantly different from her 1st book. So I shall follow up with a review as soon as I finish it. For now let me go forth and enjoy the book with my cup of tea and some homemade nutella cookies.
For those interested here’s the recipe of my nutella cookie.


1. Half cup of unsalted butter
2.Half cup of brown sugar & half cup granulated sugar (alter if you like it less sweet)
3. A cup of nutella
4. 2 eggs
5. 1 tsp of vanilla essence
6. 2 cups of flour
7. 1 tsp of baking soda
8. 1/4 tsp of salt
9. 1 tbsp of cocoa powder

Mix all the dry ingredients. Then beat the eggs and add the vanilla essence and butter (in room temp.)

Nutella cookie
Nutella cookie

into it. Now add all the dry ingredients into it and mix well. Butter your cookie tray. Preheat you oven to 200 degree Celsius. Pour a tablespoon of the batter with a gap of about 3″ between each other and bake for 10-12 minutes.
Once baked let you cookies cool. Ta-da! Your cookies are ready to be consumed.
Light, non-academic reading is preferred with the cookie. That is to say that  notwithstanding the botany background of The Signature of all things, the book is not the least academic and it’s fun to go through.
So, you may try both the book and the cookie while I’m on it myself. See you soon and keep reading!


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