A Clash of Kings

Have you ever been driven to the point of desperation to reach the very end of a book in a series ASAP, just so you can get over this

a clash of kings coverart
A Clash of Kings cover art

and move on with the story through the next book? A Clash of Kings is doing just that to me. Like the first installment, The Game of Thrones, of the series , The Song of Ice and Fire, this book is taking like forever. While I start writing this I’m about half an hour away from the end. And I’m very excited that about to finish this book that I’ve spent weeks to on, so that I can move on to the next.
More often than not, I’ve seen books after the 1st one in a series not really living up to the hype. But such was not the case with A Clash of  Kings. This book here, is just as good as the first one, Game of Thrones, was in terms of background, narration and treatment. Let me assure you that so I’m totally into the series that I cant wait to see how the story shapes up; who gets the Iron throne and who all die next. 

My favorite characters in the book are Tyrion Lannister, Arya Stark, Bran Stark, Danyrys Stormborn and Jon Snow. For me Tyrion Lannister is the hero of the series. He is street-smart, witty,intelligent and comfortable in his own skin.

A song of Ice and Fire
A song of Ice and Fire

In this book there is the realm of Seven Kingdoms and four kings and a queen who want to claim the Iron throne for themselves. True to what George R.R. Martin, the author, said in an interview recently, ”William Faulkner in his Nobel Prize acceptance speech said ‘The only thing worth writing about is the human heart in conflict with itself. And ever since I heard that quote it’s sort of been my mantra,” the entire series is about the Iron throne; the tumultuous power struggle between the different houses of Westeros. The story is bold, morbid, grim and gory in every sense of the words. So if you are looking for a feel good fictional fantasy with happy ending you better look elsewhere. This book in the fantasy fiction genre emboldens you in a web of power struggles, sex, scandals and deceit where you feel grim and horror struck.

Irrespective, what I really like about this book is the intensity and consistency in narration. Like the first installment this book doesn’t end with a grim in-you-face climax (in the book), but gives us a slight hint that things are getting serious and that ‘winter, is indeed coming‘. There is almost nothing in there that gives you hope towards a brighter turn of events, and it is a definite page turner. Mostly to my delight the book goes to lengths in detailing each character, their emotions and thought process,but the books are really huge. but I’ve found the book to drag mostly in detailing the physical fights. Especially, the siege at Blackwater just seemed to go on, and on! So, I need a break before I get into the 3rd installments as need to feel good about the world before I plunge into the grim and gory world of Westeros.

Note to self: Always read the book before you watch the series.

Rating: 4/5


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