About me…

Hi, I’m Deepa.

deepa-antonyBorn in Mumbai and practically raised in Kerala I believe I’m what they call a cosmopolitan. Right now I live nestled in a city in the middle of the famed Spice Route of the East. The city of Kochi is paced enough to keep my heart beating and my mind boggled at the many adventures life has in store for me.

Love, peace, and harmony are the rules I live by. Books are my ultimate solace; them, coffee and chocolate, which don’t always have to be mutually inclusive. Books and food form an integral part of my life, and why shouldn’t it. That’s what true love is about, isn’t it?

I take life as it comes and I invite you to join the journey here, through the world of the written word. Read on for a glimpse of what life looks like through my eyes; the beauty and the thrill of it, the vivacity and the rhythm of it! So read on about anything that keeps the heart beating and life flitting…



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